Permanent Makeup Application to Restore Your Natural Beauty

With a wealth of artistic talent, combined with compassionate client care, Jeanee Lusby offers all aspects of permanent makeup applications in her La Jolla, California center. In 1999, after 12 years in ophthalmology and clinical nursing, Jeanee chose to pursue her more artistic and aesthetic passions and founded NaturaLook Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. As a sole practitioner and SPCP trainer member, Jeanee is an industry leader in the field of innovation and natural micropigmentation artistry.

“I believe that permanent makeup is a balance between art and science. Using symmetry, color, and natural talent, I create beautiful designs with permanent makeup, in conjunction with the safest medical health standards for the protection of myself and others. NaturaLook is a place where the genuine care and comfort of my patients is paramount. With continuous innovation and the highest standards of personalized care, I pledge to help women achieve their inner confidence by restoring their natural definition, color and balance through the art of gentle micropigmentation.”

~ J. Lusby

Angela, Jeanee, Fabianna & Kristin

Unlike many other practitioners, Jeanee has made the application and training of permanent cosmetics her sole specialty. As a proud member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation, she has become a respected trainer, author, mentor and lecturer in the industry.

Jeanee is honored to be an active member of the SAAVE program (Survivor Academy Action Volunteer Effort) in which she donates her services to cancer survivors.

  • Certified Trainer recognized by The Society of                                                       Permanent Cosmetic Professionalsnl_asseenin_on
  • SPCP – Member (The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals)
  • AAM – Fellow (American Academy of Micropigmentation)
  • CPCP – Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional by exam through SPCP
  • Master Trainer – Nouveau Contour
  • Creator of True Colors Pigments
  • Advanced Technique Instructor
  • Sloped Needle Instructor
  • Advanced Education – Areola Restoration
  • Advanced Education – Camouflage and Paramedical Repigmentation
  • Annual Certification in Blood Borne Pathogen and Infection Control
  • SPCP Speaker-Presenter
  • Creator of ColorWash Designer Eyeliner
  • Professional Partner & Authorized US Distributor -Nouveau Contour
  • Active Member SAAVE Program (Survivor Academy Action Vol
    unteer Effort)
  • Voted Best of La Jolla every year since 2009
  • Featured in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine June 2008
  • WIB – Women in Business, San Diego Chapter
  • American Spa Feature– Women in Spa
  • Featured in American Spa Magazine July 2015
  • Featured on Unplanned: America Season 2, Episode 4 –  available on Netflix

NaturaLook Instrumentation

NaturaLook is proud to offer state of the art digital and rotary instrumentation in both application and training. The digital instrumentation is a fully computerized permanent makeup machine that provides optimal results in less time. The digitally controlled microprocessor assures stable needle frequency resulting in more accurate pigment placement and higher pigment color retention, despite the resistance of the skin. When skin resistance does occur, the microprocessor adjusts accordingly ensuring natural beautiful results.

All of our hand pieces use pre-sterile needle cartridges. Worldwide, these are the first permanent “rotary/pen” machines that virtually eliminate the possibility of cross contamination. The Disposable Needle Cartridge contains the needle and the needle “tube” combined in one disposable cartridge. Internal diaphragms prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand pieces. Therefore these systems are void of any chance of cross-contamination. Due to the Easy-Click attachment needles can be attached, or detached from the hand pieces quickly. This leads to fast changes between needle configurations, or use of various pigment colors. For additional safety, when the cartridge is detached from the hand pieces the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge preventing an accidental “stick” to the technician or client.